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When you have a U.S. tax or cross-border tax question, you need help right away. We regularly help our clients with their ongoing tax issues. We support you all the way by addressing your basic and most challenging questions. By providing you support along the way, we want you to do and focus on what you do best – your business, we will take care of tax for you.


We cover all areas of U.S. tax compliance, starting with individual Federal, state and local U.S. tax return preparation and filing services, and ending with corporate, partnership tax returns, as well as consolidated returns. We also provide assistance with U.S. tax withholding matters.


We are more than just a tax return preparation firm. We help our clients with all aspects of U.S. tax and cross-border taxation, including tax planning and structuring. We regularly review our clients’ situations to come up with tax-efficient structuring and planning solutions.

Tax Disputes

As qualified U.S. tax professionals, we routinely represent our clients before the tax authorities during different junctures of their tax matters, including representation during an audit or at the Appeals level. We deal with penalty abatement requests, installment agreements, Offers in Compromise (CIOs), and other matters that require protecting our clients from penalties and missed tax planning opportunities.

Business Tax Services

Starting Your Business

Starting your business requires a careful consideration of various forms of doing business, be it a corporation, sole proprietorship, or a partnership. When starting your business in the United States, taxes may make a big difference between double taxation and tax-efficient business operation.

Business Expansion

If you are ready to expand your business into the United States, you would want to make sure that the chosen business structure provides most optimal tax outcomes, at the inception of your business operation in the United States and with your exit strategy in place.

Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is an important global tax planning and compliance tool. With ever growing transparency and tax information exchange between U.S. and foreign tax authorities, increased enforcement and complex compliance environment, pro-active management of businesses’ transfer pricing policies and processes is one of the key priorities.

Business Tax Compliance

Whether you need simple corporate tax return preparation services or more complicated consolidated return and partnership compliance, we can help address all of your business compliance needs.

Treaty planning

Our tax advisors have substantial experience dealing with various aspects of U.S. treaty network, including the Canada-U.S. income tax treaty and the Canada-U.S. Totalization Agreement. We can help with the determination of eligibility for treaty benefits, applicable U.S. tax withholding, and mobile workforce issues.

Tax Structuring

Whether you acquire a U.S. business or sell your business to a U.S. buyer, we can assist with tax structuring of the proposed deal, any tax restructuring that may be needed, as well as with proper reporting.

Individual Tax Services

OVDP and SFCP Services

Have undisclosed offshore foreign accounts or assets? You may be eligible to participate in IRS Amnesty programs, such as Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures or Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. We have the right expertise to make the disclosure and coming into compliance process transparent and manageable.

ITIN Services

We can help you obtain a U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (“ITIN”) or renew your ITIN, where applicable, in a quick and easy fashion. As IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA), we can certify your original identity documents and file ITIN application on your behalf. Not sure if you need an ITIN or are eligible for one? Ask us. We can help.

Gambling - Claim Your U.S. Tax Refund!

Are you a Canadian resident who has recently lost money when gambling in the United States? Have you been withheld 30 percent tax? We can prepare and file your U.S. tax return and get a refund.

Legal Services

All legal services are provided by Alexey Manasuev’s Law Office.

Attorney-Client Privilege

If we determine that you may need attorney-client privilege, the Law Office of Alexey Manasuev will be able to afford it to the matter.

Agreement Drafting

Depending on a project, our attorneys may assist in drafting various agreements, such as intercompany agreements. We are regularly working with legal counsel of our clients to review and provide comments on tax terms and other relevant terms of applicable agreements and documents.

Representation Before IRS

Our tax attorneys have experience in representing clients before the IRS during an audit or at the Appeals level. We regularly help our clients abate penalties and determine the most optimal procedural alternatives for resolving their tax issues.


Canada # : 1(844) 829-3678
Local # : (905) 338-9100
U.S. # : 1 (855) 518-2947
Local # : (202) 831-1040
Fax # : 1(888) 507-0781


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We proudly assist clients on both sides of the border.

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