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U.S. Cross-Border Tax Services for U.S. Citizens and Green Card Holders Residing in Canada

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cross border taxes for expats

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion and Qualified Housing Expenses Deduction

Form 2555

  • Our tax professionals can assist in utilizing and recognizing some of the most advantageous provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code. In preparing your taxes, U.S. citizens and permanent residents can exclude over $100,000 of your income earned abroad, per person. There are additional deductions that can be made, namely a deduction for qualified housing expenses.
  • These deductions and exclusions assist in reducing the tax burden on U.S. citizens and permanent residents living in Canada with tax obligations to the IRS. These deductions can only be claimed by producing the appropriate IRS Forms which tax professionals can take care of for you.

Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) & Deduction for Foreign Taxes Paid

Alongside deductions and credits permitted by the Internal Revenue Code, certain tax treaties between the U.S. and foreign governments permit the application of a Foreign Tax Credit or Deductions for Foreign Taxes paid. These are differing filings, the Foreign Tax Credit is a dollar for dollar credit on taxes paid to a foreign government, if you have specific financial withholdings by that government even of passive income activities. This is not a deduction of the tax rather you are reducing your tax burden itself.
Conversely, you could choose to utilize certain deductions to taxes paid for certain activities such as property, GST/VAT paid and other non-income based taxes outside of the U.S. Our tax professionals will assist in determining the best method to utilize to reduce or eliminate U.S. taxes owed. Proper planning and tax preparation is required in this complex area but a qualified U.S. tax professional can assist in navigating these complex areas that provide immense benefit.

Treaty positions, Planning, Income Characterization and Sourcing of Income

As noted above, proper tax planning can provide significant benefits for you the taxpayer specifically avoiding double taxation. Our tax professionals can assist at the outset of your move outside of the U.S. or can develop a plan that will permit you to utilize the various tax treaties that the U.S. has with different governments. Our team will analyze your situation, provide information about how your income is characterized and U.S. tax laws and provide practical guidance to develop a tax position that will save you money.
Certain individuals have a more complex tax structure than others. Whether you are a high-flying executive with income being generate around the world or if you are an employee of a Canadian based company who receives a salary, there is a nuanced approach to where your income is generated, how it is characterized and what treaty benefits you can derive from these characterizations. These determinations are often complex in nature but have a discernable benefit when it comes to filing your U.S. taxes.

Personal, Immigration and Family Matters

Personal income tax compliance services for individuals

There are many different life events that can impact you or your family down the line. Whether you are marrying a U.S. citizen, planning on having a child while you are abroad or planning on retiring in a different jurisdiction, there are many tax obstacles that can and must be navigated.
Our tax professionals can help guide you through any misunderstandings you may have and provide useful information to help plan for the next steps. We want to help individuals maximize their tax benefits and savings and prevent any potential tax complications.

U.S. Green Card Holder and a Citizen and Tax Resident of Another Country

U.S. Green Card holders and permanent residents offer the unique situation where you are either taxed as U.S. permanent resident or you have the ability to file non-resident U.S. tax returns. This is a complex determination that must be made with appropriate support and guidance. If you had a Green Card and are not sure if you have effectively ‘abandoned’ it, you are a current Green Card holder or you are unsure of your status, our tax professionals can assist in understanding your status and filing the appropriate forms to reduce your tax burden and give you piece of mind that you have properly complied with U.S. tax laws.

Do you own a bank account outside of the US? Shareholder of a non-U.S. company?

Foreign Bank Account reporting has become an hot topic around the media and tax professionals. If you have received an IRS form from your financial institution or are required to file U.S. taxes, you may be required to file certain information reporting documents with the IRS. Although these documents fall under the reporting category and are not subject to tax, failure to report or improper reporting can lead to harsh penalties from the IRS.
Even if you have a non-U.S. based company and are reporting losses, you still may be required to report. Our tax professionals will assist in identifying the types of account that you are required to report and will prepare and file these forms on your behalf.

Business and investment matters

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