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Free Webinar – Canada – U.S. Income Tax Treaty: A Primer

On September 25, 2018 at 12:00pm (Eastern Time), join us for a free webinar with U.S. tax attorney Alexey Manasuev, LL.M. (Int’l Tax), NYU, TEP, and U.S. tax accountant Brandon Vucen, CPA, CA, CPA (IL), MST, who will discuss key provisions of the Canada-U.S. Income Tax Treaty and how they can assist you and your clients with tax planning and compliance.

The understanding of key provisions of the Convention Between the United States of America and Canada with Respect to Taxes on Income and Capital, signed on September 26, 1980, as amended by protocols has paramount importance for Canadians investing in the United States or any other foreign investors exploring U.S. markets. The U.S. Tax Reform added significant incentives for doing business in the United States, but the failure to pro-actively plan one’s investment may result in adverse U.S. tax consequences and overly complex compliance challenges. Although the Canada-U.S. Income Tax Treaty has been in effect for some time, the impact of the treaty on individual and business taxpayers remains significant. In this webinar, we will review the key provisions of the Canada-U.S. Income Tax Treaty and share practical tips and considerations relevant to cross-border tax planning and compliance by both individuals and businesses.

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