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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we outline typical questions we get from our clients and prospective clients. We also note some helpful considerations for choosing a qualified U.S. tax advisor. We hope that you find this page useful.

How do we work?

We take pride in how we approach our work. Before we provide answers to any clients’ questions, we thoroughly review our clients’ factual background. The U.S. international tax law is complex, is primarily driven by substance, and has a lot of highly intensive factual determinations. Therefore, it is important to understand the clients’ facts and circumstances, as well as primary and secondary objectives.

Once we gained an in depth understanding of the clients’ facts, we do our research to ensure proper U.S. tax treatment. We then review any planning opportunities and pro-actively discuss them with our clients.

With a team of experienced and qualified U.S. tax attorneys and CPAs, we have a prudent review process before any document is delivered to our clients or the tax authorities. When developing a tax position, we do tax research and always assume it would be audited by the tax authorities. That assumption allows us to be prepared for any challenges.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include individuals and businesses. We work with U.S. citizens and Green card holders living in Canada and other countries outside the United States. We also work with Canadians who invest in the United States or have other U.S. connection.

We regularly work with business owners and small to medium-size businesses by helping them with all aspects of U.S. and international tax compliance, consulting, and planning.

One of our focus areas is helping professional athletes and entertainers. We work with NHL, MLS, NBA players and coaches, UFC fighters, musicians and artists.

Why should I choose U.S. Tax IQ?

As qualified U.S. tax advisors, we work hard to protect your interests, to identify any planning opportunities, and to ensure your ongoing tax compliance. We are here to help – we are not in the business of scaring our clients, we are in the business of making them feel better and safe.

How does U.S. Tax IQ compare to other U.S. tax advisors/firms?

We care. We protect you from penalties. We provide value. We are cool guys!

At U.S. Tax IQ, we invest in technical excellence and work hard on providing our clients with certainty to the extent possible. We also provide smart tax advice – striving to make it practical and relevant to our clients.

Is my information safe?

We use various security protocols to ensure that our clients’ information is protected. We use technologically advanced and highly secure information sharing platforms for our clients. Any interaction with us has several layers of data protection and encryption.

Do you offer free consultations?

We do not offer free consultations.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all payment methods. We also accept payments in different currencies. Payments in US or Canadian dollars will not result in foreign currency exchange fees for our clients.

However, our preference is for certified checks or money orders, e-mail or Interac e-transfers, and checks.

What are U.S. Tax IQ's hours of operation?

Our regular working hours are from 8am till 6pm (Eastern time).

However, we are available to our clients 24/7, whether it is a weekend or a holiday.

Are you a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)?

Yes. We are IRS Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) and can apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) for you and your family members. We would certify you passport and you would not be required to send it to the IRS.

If you would like to apply on your own, you can complete Form W-7 and send your original passport to the IRS. The process may take 6-8 weeks.

You can also obtain a certified passport copy from Canada Passport office and attach it to your ITIN application. Canada Passport office may take a few weeks to issue the certified passport copy. There may be a premium processing at some locations. There is also a small fee for that service. You should check with Canada Passport office to confirm the applicable procedures and fees.

Alternatively, you can apply for ITIN with an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) in the United States. You need to schedule an appointment and bring your passport and completed Form W-7 to TAC.

What if I have a quick question?

We can help you, no matter how big your issue is.

In our experience, U.S. tax issues often require some thought and analysis. A quick question in many cases may lead to a bigger project.

If you have a “quick question”, you can schedule a 15 minute initial consultation and we will help you or determine if next steps are necessary.

Where are you physically located?

Our head office is in Oakville, ON, Canada.

We also have virtual offices in downtown Toronto, Washington, DC, and Irvine, CA. We use virtual office to meet with our clients and prospective clients in those locations, when needed.

How can I provide a review of your services?

We welcome you to provide a review of your experience working with us on Google or Facebook. You can also leave us a testimonial and we will be happy to post it on our website.

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