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Helping Clients with U.S. Tax and Cross-Border Compliance is Our Business!

We are U.S. Tax and International Tax Advisors who offer effective and practical U.S. tax and cross-border tax consulting, planning, compliance, and preparation services. At U.S. Tax IQ, we offer an integrated approach in providing U.S. tax and international tax services to our clients. We focus on offering comprehensive tax solutions aligned with our clients’ business objectives and needs. We continually come up with practical advice and unorthodox ways to resolve the most complex tax matters that do not always necessarily fit within generally accepted “boxes” of dealing with the issue, while ensuring the integrity and high quality of the services provided.

March 15, 2022. Filing deadline for certain flow-through entities and trusts (includes partnerships, S corporations, foreign grantor trusts, and certain other entities and taxpayers).

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Dates & Deadlines in 2021

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Our Primary Focus Areas

U.S. Tax IQ primarily focuses on providing tax services in the following areas:

U.S. Taxes for Professional Athletes

Cross Border Tax Services for Professional Athletes and Entertainers

In order to fulfill an athlete’s long term financial goals, many complicated factors need to be taken into consideration. We assist professional athletes and entertainers in all aspects of the rigorous tax compliance requirements by offering wide range of U.S. tax and cross-border tax services.

U.S. Taxes for Green Card Holders

U.S. Citizens and Green Card Holders Residing in Canada

Expatriates, global executives and entrepreneurs are subject to taxes in more than one jurisdiction and often have to deal with more complicated tax provisions and regulations. We help you navigate the complex world of global U.S. international individual tax planning and compliance.


The webinar schedule for 2022 will be available soon. Please stay tuned.

Our Latest News and Events

We have substantial experience in U.S. tax and cross-border tax compliance, planning, consulting, and tax dispute resolution. We stay on top of recent tax developments and help our clients identify relevant to them legislative and regulatory changes.

Tax Tip of the Month

U.S. Citizenship Renunciation Services

If you, like many U.S. expats (U.S. citizens and Green card holders living outside the United States) are becoming more frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed with the massive burden that U.S. citizenship may entail when you are living outside the United States, you may have considered renouncing your U.S. citizenship.

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Oakville, ON
550 Speers Road, Unit 1, Suite 2A
Oakville, Ontario L6K 2G3, Canada


McLean, VA
1499 Chain Bridge Rd, Suite 203-G
McLean, VA 22101, USA

We proudly assist clients on both sides of the border, primarily focusing on Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Vaughan, Markham and the Greater Toronto Area (in Canada) and Washington, D.C. Metro Area and Irvine, California (in the United States).

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