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After contemplating renouncing my citizenship for some time I was advised by friends to see two different lawyers downtown .I learned that the process was complicated and costly. I spent money quickly for information that was hardly worth the cost. Discouraged ,I was convinced by my accountant to retry one last time with the us tax iq. After my first interview , I realized that the process was much more simple and easy then previously advised. With Alexeys‘ help, I completed the forms and was on my way to getting things done with excellent help and much less cost. Once I completed the forms, which was far less Formation then explained in the confusing US. Website, I had my interview and was finished with the process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this firm to help with this process and at least look at options as I know they help people who want to stay citizens. Beware of lawyers that make this way more complicated and thus expensive then it really needs to be.

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