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U.S. Cross-Border Tax Preparation for Businesses

Are You a Business Owner With a U.S. Tax or U.S. Intentaional Tax Concern?*

Canadian and Other Non-U.S. Businesses:

Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations that are engaged in business activities in the U.S. (without creating a U.S. permanent establishment);
Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations with business activities in the U.S. (with a U.S. permanent establishment);
Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations that claim the Canada-U.S. income tax treaty or other applicable U.S. income tax treaty benefits;
Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations investing in U.S. partnerships or LLCs or Canadian and other non-U.S. partnerships that have business activities in the U.S.;
Canadian and other non-U.S. corporations that directly or indirectly hold U.S. real estate;
Canadian and other non-U.S. partnerships with business activities in the U.S.;

U.S. Domestic Businesses:

U.S. domestic corporations (including S corporations) with cross-border transactions, affiliates or shareholders in Canada or other foreign (non-U.S.) jurisdictions;
U.S. domestic partnerships (including LLCs) with foreign partners and/or cross-border transactions;

* Please note that there may be additional U.S. tax reporting and filing obligations that apply to U.S. and non-U.S. businesses, depending on their particular facts and circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact us to determine your applicable U.S. tax filing and reporting obligations.

Alexey Manasuev, LL.M. (Int’l Tax), NYU, TEP

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U.S. Tax Return Preparation
U.S. Tax Return Preparation

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What Our Clients Say

Unscripted and 100% Genuine Testimonials from Our Clients
Based on 34 reviews
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I received helpful advice and will continue to come back in the future as other situations arise. Many thanks
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words and leaving a review, Jon. Glad to help.
Good advise on home sale for dual citizens, good use of time on agenda and getting the full answers in allocated time.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review!
I am a dual citizen, I have always filed dual taxes but I had a home sale this last year and did a lot of research to find someone I trusted with my unique tax situation. Alexey was extremely knowledgeable and my meeting confirmed all of the other wonderful reviews he had on here. I would highly recommend him to anyone for their cross-border tax needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review and kind words, Chelsie!
My wife and myself had a great experience, working with Alexey. He gave us very useful advisory information which helped us in the process of moving from Canada to US.Thank you.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review!
Alexey is an expert when it comes to cross boarder income and US tax filing. He took the stress out of my transaction and handled it with ease.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words, Dan. Happy to help, and, thank you for trusting us with your U.S. taxes.
Alexey cut out the BS and gave me straightforward and actionable advice on the tax issues related to my specific situation. He laid out the pros and cons of each choice. He not only made recommendations, but he also explained the reasons behind them. In my specific case, nothing special was required and he was honest about that instead of trying to drum up more work for himself by proposing a bunch of tax analysis. I would recommend.
Response from the owner: Mark, thank you for your positive feedback.
It was with much anxiety that I contacted Alexey as I had recently been made aware that as a dual citizen I had tax-reporting obligations in the US despite not having lived or worked there since I was 2. Online research was scary with potential of large penalties etc. Alexey took the time to explain everything and walk me through what needed to happen to become compliant. He then made it really easy to submit everything that was needed to complete the filings. High degree of professionalism and approachability the whole way through. Highly recommend for anyone who finds themselves in my position!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words, Chris. Happy to help!
I had a very complex tax situation this year since I needed to request a refund from the IRS (US) and pay that amount to the CRA (Canada). I approached Alexey and Yashar because after an unsuccessful attempt at filing my returns with another accountant. Alexey and Yashar were extremely quick, efficient and knowledgeable. Thanks to them, I was able to obtain the refund from the IRS within a few months and pay off the amount I owed to the CRA. I highly recommend this firm!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words and review, Vishal. Happy to help!
Alexey was thorough in learning about my situation and guiding me through all my options. I appreciated the online booking service for the initial consultation; it took me less than 5 minutes to get an appointment. Overall great service!
Response from the owner: Thank you, Saif. We appreciate you taking the time to write this review.
My husband is a U.S. Citizen and Canadian PR. We had a consultation with Alexy to discuss strategies for managing our assets and estate planning to optimize our tax position. He was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and answered all our questions. We finished asking our questions before the end of the hour and he took the rest of the time to probe other areas with us and offer advice which was appreciated, rather than just cut the meeting short. Would absolutely recommend if you have obligations to file with the IRS and want to avoid any issues.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Caitlin! Your feedback is highly appreciated. We are glad we were able to help you and your husband.
Working with Alexey and the team at US Tax IQ didn't just solve my legal needs to a high level of quality, but ended up being an enjoyable experience. The small, dedicated team went above and beyond the service they offered to make me feel comfortable, valued, and well-educated in my own legal and tax history. Alexey treats his clients with respect, honesty, sincerity, clarity, and just the right balance of professionalism and personal consideration. I would recommend them whole-heartedly to anyone. I feel set up for success in my renunciation process from the US and know that the team at US Tax IQ is just an email away.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Alexandra. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback.
Beside my personal tax complications along with my business tax problems. In 2018 I thought this is the end of my business and the end of my courier. Because that is all I know. Mr. Manasuev and his professional team took care of my complex tax issue . Alex assured me one thing , he said not to worry let me do my job and indeed he did it . At the end I was and still up to date with my taxes. I am still his client .In brief give your bread to the baker even if he eats half of it , better than you burn it and toss it all in the garbage.
Response from the owner: Tony, thank you for review. I'm pleased we were able to make things better for you.
In a marketplace where big-name firms seem incapable of adjusting their services to fit their client's real-life circumstances, U.S. Tax IQ stands out above the others and goes the extra mile to work with you -- another human being! "Boutique" is not just another word with Alexey Manasuev and his associates. U.S. Tax IQ made my first taxation and legal experience not just survivable, but (let's be honest, we're talking about lawyers and accountants here) ALMOST fun. That's how personable and compassionate they have been. All five stars, earned!
Response from the owner: Danica, thank you very much for taking the time to let the world know about us and our services.
My wife and I have had great experiences working with Alexey and team. They are efficient, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I genuinely feel that the team cares about our cases, and does whatever they can to help us feel satisfied with their services. I would absolutely recommend them for any of your US-Canada related tax needs.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Paula and Milan, for your kind words. We really appreciate your trust.
Alexey was great and answered my questions regarding how to best structure our family will and inheritance to make sure we understand what is needed in both Canada and the United States. The service was wonderful and team was very quick to respond to my initial inquiry and setting up an appointment was easy and convenient. Thanks Alexey - you really made this clear and easy to understand!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words, Marina. Happy to assist.
As a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Canada, I needed some cross border tax advice and booked a consult. Alexey was extremely knowledgeable and thorough. He brought things to my attention that I was not aware. He listened attentively and asked questions to understand my situation. His advice will definitely be valuable moving forward.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your kind words and happy to assist, Mona!
In these times of ever changing regulations and constant adjustments needed to deal with cross border business , I have found Alexy and his staff at US Tax IQ to be an invaluable asset.Whatever the problem, they always have the solution.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Gord. We are happy we were able to help.
Grateful for Alexey and his team! Very few tax attorneys were familiar with my situation, but after talking with Alexey, he was confident that he could help to resolve my IRS penalties. Very professional and got the job done quickly! Highly recommend & I would use them in the future if I had to.
Response from the owner: Keegan, I'm happy you're pleased with the results and that we were able to help.
Alexey and his U.S. Tax IQ team are knowledgeable, professional, courteous and efficient. All questions and concerns were addressed promptly. We could not be more pleased. We have recommended their services to friends and family with complete confidence.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to all of here at U.S. Tax IQ.
US Tax IQ have been just incredibly helpful. I've had several issues over the last 2 years related to both dual citizenship and some changes in my marital status. They have been patient, kind, knowledgeable, and fantastic value for money. I definitely feel like I'm in good hands with them, and continue to use their services for both Canadian and US taxes. I recommend them to friends whenever possible.
Response from the owner: Thank you, David for taking the time to review U.S. Tax IQ. We are very happy that we were able to help.
I have successfully renounced my US citizenship with the excellent help and advice from U.S. Tax IQ. I was born in the US but had lived in Canada for over 50 years as a Canadian citizen. I sought their help after finding it too cumbersome to read and understand the IRS documention. They were very professional and knowledgable in completing my 5 years of required taxes and FBARs and in guiding me to prepare for my Loss of Nationality appointment.
Response from the owner: Mary, we highly appreciate your effort and time to review U.S. Tax IQ.
After contemplating renunciating my citizenship for some time I was advised by friends to see two different lawyers downtown .I learned that the process was complicated and costly. I spent money quickly for information that was hardly worth the cost. Discouraged ,I was concvinced by my accountant to retry one last time with the us tax iq. After my first interview ,I realized that the process was much more simple and easy then previously advised. With alexeys‘ help, I completed the forms and was on my way to getting things done with excellent help and much less cost.Once I completed the forms, which was far less Formation then explained in the confusing US. Website, I had my interview and was finished with the process.I wouldn’t hesitate to use this firm to help with this process and at least look at options as I know they help people who want to stay citizens. Beware of lawyers that make this way more complicated and thus expensive then it really needs to be.
Response from the owner: Leslie, thank you so much for your positive feedback.
When I became overwhelmed with the thought of maneuvering through the U.S. Tax code to get my U.S. Tax filings up to date I was fortunate to have U.S. Tax IQ there to walk me through everything. They took care of all of the required paperwork and filings. And when it came time to consider rescinding my U.S. Citizenship, U.S. Tax IQ was able to present me with all my options so that I could make an informed decision. I really appreciated their professionalism and thoroughness. I can't recommend them highly enough!
Response from the owner: German, we appreciate you taking your time to write this review. We value your honest feedback and hope to be able to help again.
I have been struggling for the last couple of years completing my husband's US Tax submission. He is a teacher, American and now a permanent resident in Canada, since 2000. It has been extremely difficult to find someone who is versed in US and Canadian Tax laws. I reached out to Brandon recently and he helped us out tremendously. He gave the process clarity and simplification that we have not found anywhere else. I completed not only my 1040 but also the 2555-EZ and FBAR. Thanks so much Brandon and your firm. What a huge weight off of our shoulders. We will definitely recommend your firm to others with complete confidence and satisfaction !
Response from the owner: Thank you, Daniel. We really appreciate your honest feedback and hope to see you next tax season.
I have been dealing with Alexey and his team at US Tax IQ for the past two years. As a dual Citizen I had back-filing issues to address. I continue to be pleased with the professionalism and timeliness of response and insight that I receive from US Tax IQ and their very capable team.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Bob! Your feedback is highly appreciated. We value your business and always happy to be able to help.
Great firm to work with - very professional and responsive.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Dave. We are always happy to help.
My family almost gave up ownership of US real estate properties we bought years ago due to tax issues. Luckily, we found US Tax IQ and they helped us by providing professional easy to understand advice on how to sort, plan and structure our taxes moving forward. From consultation to execution, I am thoroughly impressed by these guys. Special thanks to Alex and Brandon for showing my family how to save ourselves time and money.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Orit. We are happy to help you and your family.
U.S. Tax IQ
Based on 34 reviews

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