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Tax Planning And Tax Compliance

Year-End Tax Planning Opportunities and Tax Compliance Considerations

On December 15, 2020 at 12:00pm (Eastern Time), join us for a webinar with U.S. tax attorney Alexey Manasuev, LL.M. (Int’l Tax), NYU, TEP, who will discuss how you can maximize tax benefits for the 2020 tax year, as well as how you can best prepare for the next tax season and save valuable time in the process.


Who Will Benefit From Attending This Webinar?

This webinar is intended for CPAs, other tax professionals and their clients, individuals and businesses. The content is especially relevant to U.S. tax and Canadian tax advisors who are assisting their clients in addressing U.S. tax and cross-border tax implications.


Topics Covered in This Webinar.

Although there may be not enough time to engage in tax planning, given only a couple of weeks left in the 2020 tax year, there are still viable practical strategies that can help you ensure that your U.S. taxes are managed effectively and your refund, to the extent you are expecting one, is received sooner.


Here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover during this webinar:

  • 2020 U.S. international tax and cross-border tax developments affecting Canadians with U.S. source income and other taxpayers with 2020 tax year filing requirements;
  • Primer on important IRS Forms and deadlines for the 2020 tax years;
  • Overview of key IRS penalties applicable to Canadian businesses and business owners, as well as individual taxpayers;
  • Tax compliance tips and practical considerations, as well as best practices for preparing for the 2021 tax season;
  • … and more!


To learn more, please register and gain the knowledge you need to help your clients prepare for their 2020 tax season and effectively manage their potential U.S. tax exposure. Plus, you can earn up to 1 CPD credit (relevant to Canadian CPAs).  We hope you join us!

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